Hi, I'm Benedikt.

I'm a M.Sc. computer science student from Aachen, Germany.

Born in 1989, after my A-Levels and military service in 2010, I worked for several years as a freelance software developer, mainly creating web and database applications in the area of personal management, marketing, photography and logistics. After my bachelor thesis in 2014, I decided to work in academia at Chair of Informatics 2 in the Theory of Hybrid Systems Group headed by Prof. Dr. Ábrahám, where I focussed on the development of control strategies for hybrid electric vehicles as well as teaching activities. In September 2015 I started working at the Chair of Communication and Distributed Systems (COMSYS) in the network architecture group headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wehrle. I am currently pursuing my master thesis.

My interests include: distributed systems, browser networking, it-security, privacy, IoT, data science.


I am the maintainer of the GeneiAL C++ Genetic Algorithm Library.


University Projects, Theses and Seminars